Clarification of the requirements with customers

You and your client will be able easily to comment on each item from the proposal. All messages about new comments will be sent directly to your email.


Collaboration with the team members

By using this system you can invite your colleagues in it, as well as give them access to check already made estimations. The invited users will also have the possibility to add their quotes in this system and share them with the clients.


Cost calculation

Quotify will give you the possibility to see the total calculation of the costs which need to be spent on the project. This is based on the hourly rates for the different types of services such as QA, Development, Code review, Management.


Flexibility to prepare project estimation

You will also obtain the flexibility in preparation estimation of the project. This becomes possible because you can manage both Additional costs and Approaches for implementation of the quotes.


Library of items

Quotify provides you with a convenient option of reusing the completed quotes through the Estimation items library.


Take your estimation process to another level